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  • PVCFilm
    PVCFilmShenzhenPVCOne-sided joint of film laminating adhesive imported,The factory double-sided adhesive,The article points the various specifications5MMThe above。PVCDie cutting blanking various rules not fold shape
  • PVCMatte film
    PVCMatte filmPVCMatte color model and the base:In the design of a card must be set to color modeCMYKFour color printing color,Must not be set to three colorsR
  • PVCCoil
    PVCCoilShenzhenPVCManufacturer of coil coil between longitudinal lap width is50mm,For horizontal widthlOOmm.When welding technology is adopted,The welding nozzle and welding
  • Plastic printing
    Plastic printingShenzhen plastic printing and decoration has a unique texture and visual effect,So better、The performance of the more effective print sense of science and technology、Contemporary feeling、Fashion


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Shenzhen four plastic co., LTD., established in2001Years,Is a professional production and sales all kinds ofPVCPlastic products,Through years of continuous efforts,Products on the market fully won the recognition and trust from customers。2010In the company according to the leadershipPVCThe market situation,Made a further adjustment of enterprise products,Specializing in the production of high-grade was introducedPVCA smart card(An ordinary card,Standard credit card,ContactICCard,Non-contactIC、IDCard)The core layer and the surface material、AD card material production line。Specializing in the production at presentPVCMatte film(Milky white、Rice white)Two groups of main product。Company to undertake the different needs of customers,Provide more specs、The size of the product make the choice。The company currently has twoPVCSmart card base material production line。A complete set of equipment、Advanced technology,The main productionPVCMatte film(Milky white、Rice white)Base material products。Production capacity:Meet every year5000Tons of demand。  

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